Return Policy

We will refund you for any bottle of wine or merchandise that is damaged, flawed, or that the customer finds unsatisfactory due to a defect in the product. If our product was damaged or flawed you will receive a full refund, including shipping and handling charges. By law, we cannot accept returns of alcoholic beverages. We are also unable to accept return of, or refund the cost for wine that was damaged due to adverse weather conditions during shipment, or wine that is ordered in error.

If your order is damaged due to handling by our fulfillment or shipping partners during shipment, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery. Refunds on damaged items are only issued once a claim is filed and settled with the fulfillment partner and/or shipper. Once the claim is satisfactorily resolved, we will refund you for the products damaged, and shipping, and handling as appropriate.

Please email or contact us at 707-938-3833 to discuss any issues involving a refund.

In purchasing through this website, the customer acknowledges that it is the sole discretion of Eco Terreno Wines to issue any refund.